Smart Home: Turning on and off lights

Here’s a quick video showing how you can turn on and off your lights using Alexa (Amazon Echo), wink hub and lutron dimmers.

We have Echo or Alexa in our foyer & basement. We have an Echo Dot in our Master Bedroom. Here’s a quick video how we can control our overhead lights & lamps.

A wink hub talks to everything. We switched out our light switches to Lutron dimmers. Light bulbs are smart light bulbs. See links below to what we used from Amazon!

Amazon Echo:

Echo Dot:

Echo Remote:
Wink Hub:
Lutron Dimmers:
iHome Outlet:
Nest Camera:
GE Smart Lightbulbs:
Kwikset Deadbolt:
Charging Station on our nightstand:

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Southwest suburbs of Philadelphia you can contact me at or call or text 484-985-5222. Thanks for watching!

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