4 Things to do to your new home after closing…

  1. Change the locks.  Most likely a mother or dog walker will have a copy of the keys.  Make sure to change the locks.  Why not upgrade to a smart lock?  They are about $150.  It is keyless entry so you can just use a code and also you can open the door using an app from anywhere.  Click here to see it.   
  2. Cleaning.  Pay to have the carpets professionally cleaned while the house is empty.  Make sure to clean out all the cabinets while they are empty before you put your dishes in.
  3. Change HVAC filters.  Make sure the filters are new after all the cleaning is done.
  4. Change Toilet Seats.  For about $12 it is worth it to have a new clean toilet seat.  I found one on Amazon for $12.56.   Click here to see it.  Or spend a little more for the whisper close.  Or splurge and get the lighted nightlight toilet seat.  Actually don’t splurge on that.  I did.  They are not worth it.

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