3 Books for Real Estate Agents

You need to be constantly learning and improving on your business and career if you want to be a successful real estate agent.  You can find inspiration & new ideas from your broker, your colleagues, online, YouTube but I think the most important resource for agents are books.  They provide a long form, detailed guide to improving your career, business and life.  I recently joined Amazon Audible to listen to books on my phone.  You can receive 2 free audiobooks & a month free trial from audible by clicking here:

Here are 3 of my favorite books for real estate (Click on the book to see them on Amazon):

I just listened to this on audible 2 weeks ago.  I loved this book.  I found it practical with lots of good ideas from an author who is from Baltimore!  I’m from Maryland so I knew the areas he was referring to.  Pat Hiban lays out 6 steps which includes advice on goal setting, investing and he does it in a unique way.  It felt like a mentor was talking to me.  I downloaded the book on the audible app & would go to a local park and go on an hour walk listening to it on my iPhone.  In 4 walks I finished the book.  It is 4.5 hours long but I put the speed at 1.25x.  Pat reads it himself stumbling over words occasionally but it just made it that more of an authentic experience.  I think this is a must read.

This is not a real estate book.  It is a think big and bold book.  Here are my biggest takeaways.  You need to love what you do or you will fail.  In our new large world it is technology bringing people together and allowing everyone to make their business or job their art.  Being a real estate agent can be creating art and you can draw your own map (business plan) for your career and business.  If everyone was bolder and pushed through their fear to do what they want the way they want to do it then it would make the world better because we would have a world full of artist & better art!  How great is that idea!  I also listened to this on Audible.

I believe this is the #1 book for real estate agents.  I read this almost 10 years ago.  It shows how to treat your real estate career as a business and they give you models to follow.  Modelling is basically saying that it’s all been done before so copy what successful people have done in real estate.  Once you set up systems in your business then they say you need to get creative and innovative and improve on the models.  I did like how they said fear is caused by myths that can be defeated by truths.  Last they say success in real estate can come in 3 L’s:  Leads.  Listings.  Leverage.  There’s much more to the book but those were the highlights for me.

Those are my 3 must read books for every real estate agent!

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