5 Tips for Selling Your Home

  1. Updating & Staging Your Home:  Get rid or hide any strange things.  Make everything as neutral as possible.  Paint it or have touch up painting and caulking done.  Check out my blog about staging your home:  Click here.
  2. Pricing it correctly:  The market is the market and with so much information available online about housing and the real estate market buyers have a good idea of what your house is worth.  If you aren’t getting showings the first week of hitting the market you are WAY overpriced.  If you have 1-2 showings that first week you may be slightly over priced.  Spend a lot of time and analysis making sure you have it priced right before putting it on the market.  Here’s the general graph for showings:  weeks-on-market-pic
  3. Be ready to show at any time:  Your house needs to be cleaned, organized and pretty.  Get the kids and the dogs out.  Everyone is busy these days so being flexible with giving access to buyers is so important.  Leaving bottled waters and candy or snacks for the buyers and agents is a nice touch.  Make sure it smells good and leave all the lights on and all blinds and curtains open.
  4. Get it professionally cleaned:  Depending on the size of your house it could cost $250-$500.  They clean baseboards, oven, wipe down cabinets & clean thoroughly.  It is worth it.  You have so much to do to get your house ready for sale.  Pay someone to do this so you can spend more time on organizing & decluttering.  Also, don’t forget to power wash the outside, sidewalks and decks.
  5. Professional Pictures & Videos:  15 seconds is how long buyers spend clicking through your pictures online.  They need to be beautiful and professional.  Only 20% of buyers actually read the property description.  Most look only at the pictures, the price and the location.

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