New Agents: 5 things to do to get started. They are all free!

So you have your license and joined a brokerage.  You know all of the protected classes and you know the definition of unilateral contract.  Now What? Here are 5 things you can do today that are free.

  1. Put an ad on craigslist under apts/housing for rent  Find a hot rental in your area that would rent easily.  It should be priced well and the pictures should look great.  Advertise it on craigslist with pictures.  Here’s an example of a post:

I’m a licensed real estate agent. There is no cost to you to be represented by an agent to tour homes and negotiate a lease. My fee is covered by the landlord.  Email me the areas you would like to search in, minimum amount of bedrooms, your price range and if you have pets. My email is and I can set you up on an automatic search and you’ll be emailed listings automatically.  Feel free to email, call or text and I can send you detailed information about available MLS rentals.

Take a screenshot of available rentals from the MLS and add it to the post.  At the end of the post include all the cities you work in so when people search craigslist your post comes up.  You won’t make much money working with renters (depends on your local market) but as a new agent you need to build confidence, learn the processes in real estate and find clients.  There is no easier, low pressure way then working with renters.  This will get the phone ringing and guess what.  Renters turn into buyers!

2.  Set up Automatic Searches  As soon as you have an email and any information from potential renters or buyers set up an automatic search in the MLS.  Make sure the search includes at least 50 homes so they get frequent emails.  Clients don’t want emails reminding them of a time change or a recipe.  They want emails showing new homes that hit the market or if there is a price drop.  Make sure your MLS profile has all your contact information and a professional picture.  As they open these emails containing new homes and price reductions your information will pop up with it.  It’s easy marketing.  Also, set up searches for yourself so you can keep an eye on the market and you can see what it’s like to receive emails from the MLS.

3.  Professional Profiles on Real Estate Websites  Zillow, Trulia,  Sign up and set up professional profiles on these websites with your professional picture.  It’s free!  It’s a must.  This is where buyers without agents are looking at real estate.

4.  Social Media  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.  Sign up and set up professional profiles.  This is completely free.  Post local information and original content.  Hashtag away so people can find you.  I use all these except Snapchat.  I have an account on Snapchat but I don’t get it.  Hey, I’m a Gen-Xer.

5.  Work with a Busy Agent  Find a successful, busy agent.  Offer to help with an active buyer for 25% of their commission if they go to closing.  You may never make money but this is what you will get:  you’ll gain experience, build confidence, learn real estate processes & if it sells you can promote yourself on those real estate websites and social media accounts (see steps 3 & 4) that you sold it.

I did this when I first got started.  A busy agent was going away for a weekend trip.  She had these high end buyers that were very picky and they wanted to look at houses while she was gone.  I offered to my coworker to show them houses and if they bought a house I showed them I told her I would take 25% of the total commission.  I talked to them and sent them houses 20% more expensive than their budget.  I showed them 3 houses in the higher price range.  They called their agent the next day made an offer and bought one of the houses I showed them.  It was a $700,000 house.  My gross commission was $5000 and it was not a lot of work.  Think outside the box always and work for free or cheap so you can learn!

All 5 of these tips will help you build confidence, learn the real estate process and find clients.  This feeds into determination and determination is the key to getting you from a new, licensed real estate agent to your first sale!

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