I paid $1250 for this ad…

I put this ad in Philadelphia magazine last year for one of my listings. It cost me $1250 for 1/6 of the page.  I received no phone calls or emails and it was not effective.  Does print advertising still work for real estate?

I think it can work but most likely advertising dollars are better spent on making listings stand out on the internet and paying for ads through social media.  The days of buyers going to the classified section of the newspaper to search for homes is over.  They go to Zillow or Realtor.com.

The 2 areas where print advertising may still work are 55 & over communities and international high end buyers.  I work with a lot of buyers who are retiring or about to retire and are looking to “right size” or sell their house and move into a 55+ community.  Many of my clients that are older hardly check their email and don’t know what Zillow is. I think putting an ad in a local newspaper if you have a 55+ listing would perhaps get a phone call.  If you have a high end listing in a city where an international cash buyer would be interested I think advertising in a foreign magazine may work. Luxury listings can take years to sell so the delay of producing and publishing the ad wouldn’t be such a concern as a typical listing that could sell in 2 weeks.

The internet is where people look for homes and social media like instagram and facebook are perfect to show off pictures.  You can now advertise on Facebook.  Post a listing on your Facebook business page and for as little as $5 you can boost it and target the audience by a radius around the listing, narrow it down by age, gender and what their interests are.  It’s so easy and takes about 2 minutes.  I’m looking forward to using facebook more for advertising.

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