I was SO, SO wrong. Virtual Reality is awesome!

A couple of weeks ago my husband was telling me how he ordered the virtual reality headset for the playstation.  Here it is on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2elt8wL


He was trying to convince me how the technology will eventually be used so buyers can sit in their homes or my office and tour homes for sale through virtual reality (VR).  He basically was saying it will be a game changer for marketing real estate.

My reaction:  No Way!  We now have 360° cameras and High Definition walk through videos (check out my YouTube page to see examples of my listings here)  I get motion sickness why would I do virtual reality when I can just watch a walk-through video?

WELL, I WAS WRONG.  The headset arrived a couple of weeks ago.  It is incredible once I tried it.  Everywhere I looked I was immersed in a virtual reality of my choosing.  I lost myself in the virtual reality world and I totally forgot I was in my basement.  I hit my hand on the coffee table pretty hard trying to throw something in the job simulator game.  The first experience was a deep-sea dive.  It felt so real looking at all of the deep sea creatures and I felt so relaxed after.  The next experience my husband told me I needed to sit down for it, Shark encounter virtual reality.  You go down in the ocean and a shark circles your cage, rips off the front of it and you feel like he is going to bite you.  I was screaming and pushing back I almost fell backwards off the chair.  However, I did not get motion sickness at all!

Experts are estimating everyone will be able to tour homes through virtual reality in 2-5 years.  Sothebys Realty just started experimenting with VR technology with high-end homes in LA & NY.  The cost to scan the homes is between $300-$700.  It allows buyers to walk through a home in virtual reality with a controller to navigate through the home.

Imagine instead of spending 4 hours touring 5-7 homes buyers can come to my office put on a headset and walk-through 8-10 homes in 2 hours.  Sellers don’t have to clean up or get their kids or dogs out of the house for as many showings or open houses.  I’m so excited to see how this technology will change the future of real estate!  And won’t we look so cool doing it!


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