There’s an App for that!

The Real Estate App that I use the most on my iPhone is Homesnap.  You take a picture of a property through the app and it instantly provides concise and easy to read information on the property.  It gives you everything the listing provides (pictures, bedrooms, bathrooms, description) and it gives you the property history, school districts and property lines.  It also shows you similar homes available and recent sales.

I do like the Zillow and Trulia Apps but I’ve found that the Homesnap information seems to be the most accurate when I’m not in front of my computer looking through our MLS and property tax records.

Here’s an example of a home I showed this week.  The upper left is the snap I took.  You can see the property history that it sold in 2005 for $269,000 and it’s been on the market for 11 days.


Also, it shows the local schools and their ranking according to Smartzip Analytics.  You can click on the school to get detailed information on that school district.

Some more reasons I love this app:

  • It’s free!
  • Nosy?  You can snap a picture of a home not on the market and get their statistics.
  • Your snaps are saved and you can go back and see what went under contract and eventually what homes sold for.
  • You can connect with me on the app and see what homes I’ve toured.
  • Under the explore tab you can get a quick look at the homes nearby you or you can search by an address.

You can download the app for iPhone, iPad or Android.  No, they are not paying me but I really do love this app.  My biggest problem is when I’m with clients I often forget to snap the home.  Check out their website too!


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