How did the Market do in December 2013?

Here are statistics on single family homes in the area for December 2013. When you compare December 2013 to December 2012 on these charts you’ll find that inventory is down, sales are up and the days that homes sit on the market are down. The only exception being Delaware county sales and days on the market are flat compared to a year ago.  The November trend of decreased sales was reversed in December and we see 2013 end with great sales numbers.  For the area it’s a stable market where it’s not a buyers or sellers market.

Overall for 2013 all three counties saw double digit growth in sales compared to 2012.

Email me at if you are looking for specific statistics in a school district or a township.  Real estate is local and these numbers are averages so in certain areas within the 3 counties you will see complete opposite trends happening.

Chester County

Chester County December 2013 Chesco Dec Sales Chesco Dec DOM

Delaware County

Delaware County December 2013 Delco Sales Dec13 Delco DOM Dec13

Montgomery County

Montgomery County 2013 Montco Sales Dec13 Montco DOM Dec13

Real estate is cyclical so it is important to look at year over year statistics.  This data is compiled from sales reported to Trend, our local MLS.

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