Staging your Home to Sell

15 seconds!  That’s how long most buyers spend clicking through pictures of houses when they begin their search.  I’ve heard numbers as high as 90% of buyers begin looking online before they buy.  As a seller how do you get their attention, get them off of their smartphones and into your beautiful house for sale?  Stage your home!

Our MLS system allows up to 25 pictures for a listing, so tell a story of a beautiful home through these pictures to capture buyer’s interest.  When we take photographs of your house the rooms should be decluttered to show off the space, have great lighting to bring in warmth, beautiful curb appeal and they should be beautifully accessorized.  Below is just a few of the tips I give my sellers.

Declutter-One of the major contributors to a cluttered look is too much furniture.  Many professional stagers remove half of the furniture in a home.  Take a look to see if you can sell some furniture or put the furniture in storage.

Update your kitchen– Here is an example of a quick update to a kitchen that you can get completed in probably two weeks.  Buy stainless steel appliances and sell your old ones to help with the cost.  Replace laminate countertops, old sinks and faucets with new granite, undermount stainless steel sink and new faucets.

(Click on the photos to enlarge them)







Room Transformations– Repurpose a room or a large nook in a hallway.  Make a reading nook with an arm-chair and a throw.

Hallway Nook

Add accent tables

Create a Reading Nook in an office.

Create a Reading Nook in an office.

Bathrooms– Create a spa like feeling with candles, matching towels, plush bath mats, rolled up wash cloths in baskets and flowers.

Accessorize a Bathroom

Accessorize a Bathroom

Take a look at the online listings of similar properties for sale in your neighborhood.  How does your house compare?  Preparing your house to put it on the market takes a lot of work and an eye for detail.  Snap your own pictures, sit down and look at them with a critical eye.  Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and consider what their impression will be when they take that 15 seconds to click-through pictures of your house online.

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